Friends' photos gallery (for acknowledgments and donations list see donations page)

Uphill mile 2018 winners
Uphill mile 2018 winner Rory Anderson

2018 Uphill mile winners, under 16 boy was D. Little, Under 16 girl M. Ballantyne, the mens winner was Rory Anderson and ladies winner was C. Jack. Also in the photo is Harriers President Alan Coltman and 1514 President Barry McDonald.

Rory Anderson receiving the mens Uphill mile trophy from 1514 President Barry McDonald.

Roond the Mair winners 2018
Wilton School: Roond the Mair Winners

1514 Club Primary Schools Roond the Mair Race 2018 winners. Well done to Wilton School.

The race roond the Mair.

Roond the Mair race 2018
Junior Cup 2018

Roond the mair race 2018

2018 Junior Cup winner Liam Gourley

Junior Cup 2018
Junior Cup 2018

2017 Junior Cup 2nd place Ellis Hodgins

2017 Junior Cup 3rd place Jack Brown

Gifts to the club: lectern
Gavel and block

A number of items have been gifted to the club over the years, an included in these is the lectern by Master Craftsman Alec Cuthbertson.

Another gift: a gavel and block by Rob Turnbull.

President's book
Trowel and paperweight

The president's book is a faithful reminder of those speakers who have entertained the club across the years at its annual events. Holding a photographic record and a compilation of comments from those speakers, the hand crafted case was again the work of Alec Cuthbertson.

The trowel and paperweight commemorate the opening of Hawick Youth Centre in 1968.

Piano stool

The piano stool is a memorial to the late, fondly remembered, Adam Ingles.