Club calendar: 2018 (* see details in right-hand panel)

Jan 19Fri 19:30 Annual Burns SupperBurns Club
Feb 21Wed19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Mar 28Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Apr 25Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
May 5Sat 09:30-10:30 Concert ticket saleCrown business centre
May 8Tue 19:00 Harriers uphill mile*Loan
May 16Wed 19:00-22:00 Hawick Sings concert*Town Hall
May 21Mon 19:30 Ticket meetingBorder Club
Jun 1Fri 19:30 Annual dinnerBurns Club
Jun 2Saturday Primary Schools Art CompScott Gallery
Jun 8Fri 12:00 Children's Moor raceMoor
Jun 9Sat 11:45 Junior Cup presentation*Moor
Jun 27Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Jul.No meeting.
Aug 29Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Sep 26Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Oct 31Wed 19:30 Committee meetingBorder Club
Nov 7Wed 20:00 AGMBorder Club
Dec.No meeting.
Dec 28Mon 09:00 Cairn walkVertish Hill Carpark

Common Riding 2018

May 2nd

Election of Cornet


7th June: Colour bussing      8th-9th June: Common Riding

Hawick Common Riding Committee

11 O'Connell Street - HAWICK TD9 9HT
+(44)1450 378853

Common Riding Committee contact form

1514 Uphill mile race

2018 will be the 28th year of the event and the club are indebted to Teviotdale Harriers for their continued support and organisation of the race. The race starts from the Loan at 7pm and finishes at Crumhaughhill Farm, and as the race name suggests it is a tough 1 mile slog all the way. The course record is held by Alistair "Sammy" Walker - set in the first running of the event. The most prolific winner is David Cavers. If you are interested taking part in this challenging event then contact Rob Halliday at Teviotdale Harriers for an entry form.

Hawick Sings concert

This is in the Town Hall on Wed 16th May 2018 (doors open at 6:45pm). Tickets are on sale on Saturday 5th May 2017 in the Crown Buildings, and thereafter at Border Video & TV Services, Sandbed, for 5.00 (3.00 concessions)

Junior Cup

Download an entry form

Cairn Walk

Monday 28th December. Meet at the Vertish Hill carpark at 09:00